Why We Started

We started the International Knuckleball Academy to dispel widely held misconceptions, to make the knuckleball a part of the mainstream, to change the game of baseball. The knuckleball, after all, is a teachable skill. It can be a key that unlocks the door to professional baseball for anyone willing to commit to the craft. I get excited at the prospect of seeing a knuckleballer in every MLB organization in the country.

The knuckleball is something I have committed my life to, and developing it has been a grind. Now I can share my knowledge and help others master it faster than I did. Together, we can hasten an exceptional knuckleballer’s entry into the pro ranks; we can create an army of skilled knuckleball pitchers; we can tear down the bias against the knuckleball. We can change the game of baseball.

It’s long been my dream to share my passion─to teach young and thirsty knuckleballers. I got lucky. When I was young, 24-year MLB veteran Charlie Hough took me under his wing and taught me everything there was to know about the pitch. That set me on a path to professional baseball. Now I want to do the same for others at the International Knuckleball Academy. I want to do it for you.