Training Sessions

Year-long Program

Two-week Development Session – $3,995

We give you a comprehensive introduction to the fundamentals of knuckleball, including delivery, arm action, release, footwork, rhythm, proprioceptive development, knuckleballer-specific strength training and conditioning training, and mental approach. The IKA staff will assess you quantitatively to ensure that your training is tailored toward what you personally and specifically require in order to excel.

Four-week Advanced Session

The Advanced Session builds on the foundation laid in the Development Session, providing you with even more intensive and specialized training. You receive personalized instruction that focuses on maximizing your strengths and minimizing your weaknesses. When you have completed advanced training, you will possess a thorough knowledge of your strengths as a knuckleball pitcher and understand how best to proceed with your training and development.

Training via IKA Virtual Resources

After you complete your on-site work, your training continues through virtual means and consistent interactions with our staff. A vast array of resources enables IKA to play an ongoing and integral role in your development.

Year-long program resources include:

  • The two-week Development Program.
  • The four-week Advanced Program.
  • A personalized game plan for mechanical, strength, conditioning, and mental training.
  • Video tutorials created by the IKA staff to answer your questions and keep you up to date on the latest training techniques.
  • On-on-one communication with the IKA staff by phone, e-mail and video conferencing so that you can seek advice, ask questions and give us your feedback.
  • Conference calls and live group chats with staff and peers. You’ll be able to share your training experiences and collaborate to help solve problems that affect both you and other participants in the training program.
  • Video assessments featuring detailed feedback from IKA staff. We will encourage you to email videos to us of your bullpen sessions and flat groundwork.
  • Depending upon the availability of IKA staff and facilities, you’ll have access to a certain number of on-site tune-up consultations with us.

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Important Information:

  • You must complete a Development Session before enrolling in an Advanced Session.
  • After completing the two-week Development Session, you may qualify for a Year-long program training scholarship. Whether you receive a scholarship depends both on your need and on your demonstrated potential as a knuckleballer.
  • We train you. And train you. And train you. And that’s it. The Academy and its instructors, employees, and representatives are prohibited, without limitation, from providing representation for any student who is seeking contracts with professional baseball teams; is seeking endorsement contracts; or is seeking to be promoted to professional baseball team scouts, executives or employees, to agents or other player representatives, or to any other person or company.