How long does the Academy run?

You first enroll in the two-week Development Program. After completing that, you will, if qualified, have the opportunity to participate in the IKA’s Advanced Program. The Year-Long Advanced Program begins with an intensive four-week training session, after which your instruction proceeds through extensive training resources that we make available to you once you have left the campus.

Where do students live and eat?

You will live in hotel-style rooms at the Vero Beach Sports Village and be provided with three meals daily.

How do I get to the IKA?

We are happy to provide transportation from the nearest airport, bus or train station. You are also more than welcome to drive to the Academy. Click here for detailed driving directions and information about nearby airports.

Who developed the training regimen?

The IKA’s knuckleball training program was developed by current professional knuckleballer Chris Nowlin. It is based on the same training methods used by knuckleball greats R.A. Dickey, Tim Wakefield, Phil Niekro and Charlie Hough. It was Hough who first taught Nowlin the knuckleball.

Who are the instructors?

In addition to Chris Nowlin, the IKA’s staff is composed of former professional and collegiate players. More detailed information can be found on our IKA Staff Bios page.

What does a typical day look like?

Except for meal breaks, training lasts all day long. You will cycle through on-field training, strength/agility/flexibility training, and classroom-oriented training.

What are my chances of success?

We believe wholeheartedly in our approach, but we can only do so much. Ultimately it’s up to you. We will give you all the tools, insight and attention that you need to succeed. But you must approach the job of becoming an expert knuckleballer with complete focus and commitment throughout the training process.

What training techniques does the Academy use?

The IKA training regimen uses the same principles and philosophy that enabled knuckleball greats like R.A. Dickey, Phil Niekro, Tim Wakefield and Charlie Hough to achieve Big League success. You will also receive objective feedback from the study of film, ball trajectory readings, and spin rates.

What can students do for fun during downtime?

You can do whatever you like during your free time. The IKA grounds are located only five minutes from downtown Vero Beach. Transportation will often be provided for recreational excursions.

Anywhere to do laundry?

Athletic apparel will be washed nightly by the IKA staff. A laundry facility will be available during certain hours so that you can wash your personal items.

What is the IKA’s refund policy?

Once training starts, no refunds will be given. If you must drop out of training for some reason, you will have the option to resume your training from the point you left off during a future session.

What items do I need to bring?

Glove, cleats, turfs, shorts, t-shirts, baseball cap, baseball pants, underwear, sweat socks, jacket, sweatshirt, sweatpants, casual clothing.

Are there any off days during training?

Some days will be more loaded with activities than others. On weekends, you will have considerable off time with little or no training taking place.

Will the program include strength, agility and conditioning training?

Yes. The training regimen will incorporate free weights, machines, Olympic lifts, body weight resistance training, plyometrics, work on improving agility, yoga, and many other exercises.

Does the IKA offer any discounts?

After you complete the two-week development session, the IKA may offer you a training scholarship for the year-long Program.

How much does IKA training cost?

The two-week Development Session costs $3,995. After completing the Development Session, you will if qualified be invited to enroll in the Year-Long Advanced Program, which consists of four weeks of intensive on-site instruction followed by training through the IKA’s wide array of resources available to you after you head home. These resources include video tutorials; one-on-one consultation with IKA staff via phone, e-mail and video chat; conference calls and live group chats; individual video assessments; and in-person tune-ups and consultations.

You may be eligible for an Advanced Training scholarship, depending on both your need and your demonstrated potential as a knuckleball pitcher.

Why don’t more guys throw the knuckleball?

Very few people know how to throw the knuckleball well, and even fewer are skilled in teaching the knuckleball. Before we founded the International Knuckleball Academy, the resources needed for an aspiring knuckleballer to succeed were simply not available in a formal, organized and readily accessible way.