Jays Make Wild-Card Game; Is Their Knuckleball Pitcher, R.A. Dickey, About to Retire?

r-a-dickey-of-the-toronto-blue-jaysThe Toronto Blue Jays have made less use of R.A. Dickey as a starting as the regular season drew to a close, and the knuckleball pitcher will be a free agent now if he decides to continue playing. But his public statements suggest that he may well decide to pack it in. The National Post’s Scott Mitchell reports:

At the age of 42 with 1,883 1/3 innings under his belt, Dickey may decide to call it a career instead of seeing who’s offering what on the free-agent market.

But that’s a decision for later on down the line.

“I’ve thought about it, sure,” Dickey said of retirement. “Physically, I feel fantastic and there would be no reason to think I couldn’t keep going, physically, that’s for sure. I’m so engrossed in wanting to go out with a bang as a team with the Toronto Blue Jays, I don’t really lend myself to that right yet. When I get home and start decompressing a little bit, I think, I’ll start taking on some of those thoughts and as free agency ramps up, I’m sure there will be some opportunities to decide over. It’ll be a family decision whenever that comes.

“I’ve had a great career, and whether it’s over at the end of this year or it keeps going for another five, it’s been a great journey.”

toronto-blue-jaysDespite ups and downs during his years with the Jays, R.A. Dickey is proud of his accomplishments and those of his team. In a report by The Star’s Brendan Kennedy published before it was known whether the Jays would reach the playoffs, Dickey said that he would

consider it incredibly satisfying and something I feel like every Jays’ fan can be proud of, that in the last four years we’ve made it to the playoffs 50 per cent of the time. That’s an incredible feat. So leaving that behind is satisfying for me.”

He said he’s not frustrated by the uncertainty of his current situation.

“It’s challenging, but it doesn’t steal away the joy that comes from being on a club that’s fighting for a championship. I wish I could be a part of that. That’s not my decision.”

The Toronto Blue Jays have made it to the playoffs at least to the extent of being a team in tonight’s single-elimination wild-card game, which will take place at 8:08 p.m. EDT. Stay tuned.



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