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Knuckleballers Coach Pitching Coaches; Wright, Dickey Top Nasty-Pitch GIF List

Knuckleballers Steven Wright (#35) and former Boston Red Sox pitcher Tim Wakefield (the suit) have been coaching pitching coach Carl Willis, who joined the Red Sox team in the middle of last season. As manager John Farrell recalls “with a chuckle,” coaching assistance from the coachee seems to be normal when a coach suddenly must contend with so different […]

MLB Knuckleballers Wright and Dickey Continue to Dominate

Knuckleballs and MLB knuckleballers are getting an extra nod of acknowledgement in some quarters lately. That’s thanks to a streak of nifty pitching performances, especially from relative MLB newcomer Steven Wright—who until recently had been making an art form of zipping back and forth between the minors and the majors. So at, colingreene exults […]

Knuckler R.A. Dickey Is Also on the Ball Lately

Things have gone well recently for the two regular MLB knuckleball pitchers. Steven Wright was our subject in our last couple of posts (here and here). Now back to Dickey. No doubt he is glad to be eliciting reportage like the following about last Friday’s Toronto Blue Jays v. Texas Rangers game, from Mr. RotoWire […]

R.A. Dickey Likes His Spring Training; Is Japan’s Eri Yoshida Discounting the Knuckleball?

Toronto Blue Jay Knuckleballer R.A. Dickey is optimistic about the upcoming baseball season, having performed to his own satisfaction in a recent spring-training game against the Detroit Tigers. According to the National Post: “I couldn’t be more pleased with today’s outing,” said Dickey. “You try not to look at the results, really, in a scenario […]

As Opening Day Approaches, At Least One Reason to Watch the Toronto Blue Jays

Rob Neyer of Fox Sports offers three reasons to watch the Blue Jays this season. We’re naturally most interested in one of the three, the pitcher-centric rationale for keeping tabs on the team. Neyer regards R.A. Dickey and Mark Buehrle as the pitchers most likely to deliver interesting moments. In fact, if we’re making a list […]

Late-Blooming Knuckleballers, Part Three

R.A. Dickey, the subject of our previous post on late-blooming knuckleballers, is only the most prominent of today’s knuckleball pitchers, including those who decided to specialize in it only after having already put in a few years of pro ball. (Which is, after all, the typical knuckleballer path. Few start out in pro baseball determined […]