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With Dickey About to Turn 40, Steven Wright, 30, Is “Just Warming Up”; Kind of Like That 19-Inning Sox-Yankees Game on Friday-Saturday

ESPN Red Sox Report’s Gordon Edes (“Knuckleballer Wright could play key role”) does the math re ratio of wins at 30 to total career wins (or career-so-far wins) for celebrated Phi Beta Knucklers. At 30, they’re just warming up. “I was 28, going on 29, when I first got here,” said Tim Wakefield, the most […]

A Good Knuckleball Is Hard to Hit

The Detroit Free Press offers an imprecise statement about the trouble a batter may have connecting his bat to a knuckleball. According to the Press’s June 4 story, “Blue Jays’ R.A. Dickey hopeful his knuckleball will miss Miguel Cabrera’s bat,” a good knuckleball “can be a tough pitch to hit if you don’t see it […]

Teachers of the Knuckleball

R. A. Dickey says he loves spring training, “because it comes bundled with hope…. Hope is a nice thing to have, however long it lasts.” The ability to consistently throw a good knuckleball can inspire hope for a longer-lived and even a stellar pitching career, a hope fueled when talented new knuckleballers are able to […]