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Knuckleballer Tim Wakefield in Hall of Fame?

Michael Clair makes the case for inducting knuckleball pitcher Tim Wakefield into the Hall of Fame at’s Cut Four. Actually, though, Clair argues more broadly, if only semi-seriously that, “every dipsy-doodler tosser should be in the Hall.” After all, these are players who, when they realized they weren’t good enough hitters or that they […]

Steven Wright Is Getting Back In the Knuckleball Groove

After mostly recovering from a minor injury, Red Sox knuckleball pitcher Steven Wright was back in action last Friday against the Royals and “Feel[ing] Good One Day After Return to Mound,” reports John Tomase. It took a while for the pitcher to warm up, though. Wright’s outing didn’t go as planned. He allowed five runs […]

Knuckleballer Steven Wright Still Blasting Opposition as Scientists Still Grapple with Physics of the Pitch

Steven Wright may have been sidelined as an All-Star, but the experience doesn’t seem to have thrown the Red Sox knuckleballer off balance. MLB News says: Forgive Red Sox manager John Farrell if he wasn’t all that broken up about Steven Wright not being given a chance to pitch in the All-Star Game. The way Farrell saw […]

Knuckleballer Steven Wright Didn’t Pitch in the All-Star Game—But He Was There

Steven Wright was on hand on Tuesday and would have been waved over to the mound had the game gone into extra innings. It didn’t. As Wright explains it, “Because this game means so much, they wanted to make sure that if we went extra innings, we didn’t run out of pitching. So, instead of […]

Knuckleball “Myths” Critically Assessed at FanGraphs; also: Wright Still Right

Whether FanGraphs writer Eno Sarris has blasted as many “myths about the knuckleball” as he purports to have done in his interesting recent article depends in part on the extent to which baseball fans accept these “myths.” And sometimes it seems to come down more to word parsing than any prevalent misguided substantial conviction. How […]

Knuckleballers Coach Pitching Coaches; Wright, Dickey Top Nasty-Pitch GIF List

Knuckleballers Steven Wright (#35) and former Boston Red Sox pitcher Tim Wakefield (the suit) have been coaching pitching coach Carl Willis, who joined the Red Sox team in the middle of last season. As manager John Farrell recalls “with a chuckle,” coaching assistance from the coachee seems to be normal when a coach suddenly must contend with so different […]

How Steven Wright (Mostly) Avoids Wrong Knuckleballs

FanGraph’s August Fagerstrom recently conducted an interesting interview with Red Sox knuckleballer Steven Wright on how he does what he does with the knuckleball. On the basis of that report we’ve distilled five things not to do as a knuckleballer. Don’t be consistent. “That’s the biggest key to knuckleballs: you want to be able to […]

Battle of the knuckleballers

Knuckleballer Wright versus Knuckleballer Dickey Redux

We always like the doubly-rare drama of knuckleballer versus knuckleballer battles. And it looks like one such clash is “possible on Saturday,” as CBS Sports reports, thanks to a game delay for the Red Sox v. Indians. This possibility is also—Mike Axisa’s all-caps—IMPORTANT: Price’s second start will have to wait one extra day and Steven […]

Stephen Cannella Defends Knuckleball, and Dan Johnson, Against Niggling Negativity

Sports Illustrated commentators Ted Keith and Stephen Cannella recently discussed Dan Johnson’s switch to the knuckleball (our topic last week). “I love these stories about guys trying to come back, trying to learn new positions,” Cannella (pictured) says in the video. But this is no ordinary such attempt, he adds. “This is a guy trying […]

Measuring Russell Martin; What Blue Jays Manager Gibbons Should Maybe Do with Knuckleball Pitcher R. A. Dickey

The extent to which Russell Martin has managed to conquer the knuckleball as a Blue Jays/Dickey catcher in 2015 is not the main topic of eeliott29’s post for BlueBirdBanter (“Russell Martin, worth every last penny”), but neither is it marginal. In 2015, Martin brought the tools that summoned him his lucrative contract and in turn saved the […]