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What Wright Gets Right; Chris Nowlin on Reducing Knuckleball Spin

Up-and-coming knuckleballer Steven Wright has often been compared to his predecessor in the Red Sox organization, longtime knuckleball pitcher Tim Wakefield (for example, by Chris Smith, as we noted in our May 31 and May 18 posts). At Baseball Prospectus, Ryan Morrison (“How Steven Wright Is Righting the Ship”) begins by comparing the two players—well, […]

Should R.A. Dickey Throw the Knuckleball More Often?

What ratio of knuckleballs to secondary pitch has the best chance of rebuffing batters before they can get on base? At FiveThirtyEight, Neil Paine argues that R.A. Dickey may be under-exploiting his top pitch, the knuckleball—even though close to nine out of ten of his pitches are knuckleballs. His headline is certain about it: “Game […]