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Josh Turley Evolves from Part-Time to Full-Time Knuckleball Pitcher

We reported early in 2016 that Josh Turley, now of the Toledo Mud Hens, was using the knuckleball as one of several pitches. At that time, pitching coach Mike Henneman was urging Turley to throw the knuckleball more often, advice he seems to have heeded. In a recent interview with Turley, the Toledo Blade asked when […]

Is Your 2018 New Year’s Resolution About the Knuckleball?

The beginning of a new year is as auspicious a time as any to take a fresh look your career, assets and potential and to ponder whether it makes sense to make a fundamental change. We like knuckleball pitcher R.A. Dickey’s blunt explanation, in a Q&A with Nubyjas Wilborn, of why he decided to specialize […]

Did Larry French Extend His Pitching Career By Switching to the Knuckleball?

In our post last July about how “Your Knuckleball May Add Years to Your Career,” we noted that being in possession of a nifty knuckleball can “both revive the career of a struggling baseball player and make it way more durable.” We offered a list of those players who had outdone many of their colleagues […]

More on the Knuckleball Effect; Steven Wright’s Convalescence

Early in the year we asked whether there is a “knuckleball hangover” that afflicts batters who usually swing at conventional pitches. The idea is that they must suddenly reconfigure their way of being in order to contend with the knuckleball, and cannot instantaneously revert to their usual non-knuckleball mindset. Players themselves, even the very best, […]

Wright’s Knuckleball(s) versus Dickey’s Knuckleball(s)

In a post about Steve Wright’s recent major league appearance (one of two in 2014 “under similar circumstances: a roughed-up starting pitcher, a tired bullpen and a game still in its early stages”), Zack Cox summarizes a September 7 game with Wright as relief pitcher: The 30-year-old knuckleballer, who impressed over four innings of relief […]

What International Knuckleball Academy Links To

A quick look at what the baseball sites we link to (here) have to offer: Baseball Analysts. Described by former contributor Sky Andrecheck as “the go-to place for sabermetric research….” Although the site does not seem to have been updated since early 2012, Andrecheck and a roster of nine other bloggers have built a large […]

When Knuckleball Pitchers Start Pitching the Knuckleball a Lot

If you’re a professional ball player, you’ve probably fooled around with the knuckleball. But if you’re a Major League Baseball pitcher and it’s your primary pitch, you’re not just fooling around any more. You belong to an elite, serious club with so few members that we can tell you your name: R.A. Dickey. If you’re […]