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Dickey’s Knuckleball “moving a lot” in Braves 3-1 Win Against Phillies

Michael Cunningham of the Atlanta-Journal Constitution reports that Dickey on Thursday held the Phillies to a season-low one run and three hits with eight strikeouts over seven innings. He also didn’t walk any batters for the first time in 12 starts, a significant development because Dickey blamed an unusually high walk percentage for much of […]

Is the Knuckleball Sorcery?

The late science fiction writer Arthur C. Clarke once famously suggested that sufficiently advanced technology is “indistinguishable from magic,” presumably if and when the whys and wherefores of the technology are not understood. Perhaps, then, the dictum should instead be that baffling complexity is indistinguishable from magic. In this form, would Clarke’s principle apply to […]

Knuckleballer Tim Wakefield in Hall of Fame?

Michael Clair makes the case for inducting knuckleball pitcher Tim Wakefield into the Hall of Fame at’s Cut Four. Actually, though, Clair argues more broadly, if only semi-seriously that, “every dipsy-doodler tosser should be in the Hall.” After all, these are players who, when they realized they weren’t good enough hitters or that they […]

R.A. Dickey

R.A. Dickey on Not-Finalizing the Knuckleball: “It’s been one big, constant, perpetual adjustment….”

R.A. Dickey, who just turned 42, is getting more than his share of goodbyes for someone who has not yet decided whether to hang up his baseball cap. May it all be embarrassingly premature. In any case, Dickey’s ponderings in an interview with John Lott at (“R.A. Dickey has much to fill his life without […]

Knuckleballer Dan Johnson, Picked Up by Dodgers, Will Play For Class AA Tulsa

Thirty-seven-year-old career-reviver Dan Johnson changed the mind of St. Paul Saints manager George Tsamis about the knuckleball. Michael Rand reports in his RandBall Blog that Johnson has been plying his new trade with the local St. Paul Saints, to strong results. In his past three American Association starts, he’s allowed a total of one run in […]

Knuckleballer Steven Wright Still Blasting Opposition as Scientists Still Grapple with Physics of the Pitch

Steven Wright may have been sidelined as an All-Star, but the experience doesn’t seem to have thrown the Red Sox knuckleballer off balance. MLB News says: Forgive Red Sox manager John Farrell if he wasn’t all that broken up about Steven Wright not being given a chance to pitch in the All-Star Game. The way Farrell saw […]

How Steven Wright (Mostly) Avoids Wrong Knuckleballs

FanGraph’s August Fagerstrom recently conducted an interesting interview with Red Sox knuckleballer Steven Wright on how he does what he does with the knuckleball. On the basis of that report we’ve distilled five things not to do as a knuckleballer. Don’t be consistent. “That’s the biggest key to knuckleballs: you want to be able to […]

Liking and Disliking the Knuckleball; Or, Surrendering to Chaos

“A knuckleball can be the most antagonizing pitch for any hitter,” says D.J. Vasil, talking about a knuckleball issuing from the Apollo-Ridge Vikings. Apollo-Ridge is a high school in Spring Church, Pennsylvania. Its baseball team has a knuckleball pitcher, Jayson Sowers, who plans on having his knuckleball dance all season as the Vikings compete for […]

Knuckleball Catchers Martin, Butera: When the Going Gets Tough, the Tough Relax

Early last year, the locker room talk of Blue Jays player and knuckleball catcher Russell Martin and Blue Jays scout (and former knuckleball catcher) Sal Butera turned to the subtleties of catching it. Ken Rosenthal of Fox Sports recorded their thoughts (“The Art of Knuckleball Catching”). A few excerpts: MARTIN: Keeping the arm relaxed helps […]

Not Unlike World-Class Knuckleball Pitchers, Engineering Students Can’t Duplicate a Single Knuckleball; PLUS: New Knuckleballer Matt Shelton

The inventers weren’t trying to simulate true knuckleball action, but they seem to have succeeded despite themselves. We learn from the Toronto Star that engineering students at the University of Toronto have built “the world’s first knuckleball pitching machine,” the kind of thing that may one day help train batters contend with the Toronto Blue […]