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Last Week, the Toronto Blue Jays Pulled Victory from Jaws Of Defeat in Games 3,4,5 of ALDS; Will History Repeat Itself?

So far, so scary for the Toronto Blue Jays, home of knuckleball pitcher R.A. Dickey. Playing against the Kansas City Royals, the Jays are down by two games so far in the American League Championship Series, with Game 3 just hours away as we post. It is scheduled to commence this evening, that of Monday, […]

Tim Wakefield

Hitting Knuckleball Not Enough, Sandoval Swipe Confirms; Plus: Dickey’s Early Knuckleball Tutorials

“Pablo Sandoval Swings at Knuckleball Above His Head, Makes Contact” is a story about giving in to temptation in a way that doesn’t pay: It’s not very difficult to tempt Boston Red Sox third baseman Pablo Sandoval to swing at a high pitch. And when you’re a knuckleball pitcher, it’s even easier. Toronto Blue Jays […]

More on the Knuckleball Effect; Steven Wright’s Convalescence

Early in the year we asked whether there is a “knuckleball hangover” that afflicts batters who usually swing at conventional pitches. The idea is that they must suddenly reconfigure their way of being in order to contend with the knuckleball, and cannot instantaneously revert to their usual non-knuckleball mindset. Players themselves, even the very best, […]

“R.A. Dickey’s Knuckleball Dances” in “one of his best games of the year”; Plus: Focus

The headline quotes the judgment of New York Times reporter Tim Rohan about R.A. Dickey’s pitching last Thursday as a Toronto Blue Jay facing his old team the New York Mets. Dickey won 20 games and the Cy Young Award during his final year with the Mets, was then traded to the Blue Jays, and has not […]

It’s Not Just the Knuckleball That’s an Oddball

A fascinating article in the Sunday NY Times Magazine about the art of the screwball pitch, “The Mystery of the Vanishing Screwball” by Bruce Schoenfeld, forcibly reminds us of the pitch we talk about at IKA. For one thing, the same persistence, independence, willingness to be different—perhaps even a bit knuckleheaded or screwy—is required to excel […]