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Baseball returns next week; Nike scientists invent “knuckleball free” ball (for soccer).

Better late than never.  Major League Baseball is set to return next week after delaying opening day due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.  The abbreviated 60-day season will kick off July 23rd with the New York Yankees facing the current world champion Washington Nationals. The Yankees Gerrit Cole is scheduled to face off against Nats’ […]

Red Sox Advance to American League Championship Series; Can Knuckleballer Wright Return for a World Series with the Sox?

After an edge-of-seat performance in the bottom of the ninth last Tuesday (October 9), the Boston Red Sox won their playoff series against the New York Yankees without the help of knuckleball pitcher Steven Wright (off the mound for now because of resurgent knee trouble). The Sox are now battling the Houston Astros in the […]

Knuckleballer Steven Wright Still Blasting Opposition as Scientists Still Grapple with Physics of the Pitch

Steven Wright may have been sidelined as an All-Star, but the experience doesn’t seem to have thrown the Red Sox knuckleballer off balance. MLB News says: Forgive Red Sox manager John Farrell if he wasn’t all that broken up about Steven Wright not being given a chance to pitch in the All-Star Game. The way Farrell saw […]

Knuckleballer versus Knuckleballer

Eight years before R. A. Dickey achieved his prominence in 2012 as the first knuckleball pitcher to win the Cy Young Award, the then−Texas Ranger was up against Tim Wakefield of the Boston Red Sox. The New Yorker’s Ben McGrath remembers the game as the occasion on which he “first noticed” Dickey, “while writing about […]

Yankees Interrupt a Losing Streak to Block Dickey Career Win #100

R.A. Dickey was on the verge of his 100th career victory on Sunday, September 13th, when his team the Toronto Blue Jays went against the New York Yankees; but, sums up Jason Cohen of SB Nation, “the Yankees finally found their way to victory [5-0] just in time to stay 3.5 games out of first […]

Knuckleball Release Closeup

Knuckleballers R.A. Dickey and Steven Wright Flabbergast Yankees

The New York Yankees have been knocked off stride by two knuckleballers in recent days. On Wednesday, with Steven Wright of the Boston Red Sox pitching against the Yankees, the Sox won 2-1. According to Steve Petrella of Sporting News, Wright’s Yankee-baffling performance was his best MLB outing to date. Wednesday’s win was his finest major league […]

Ups and Downs for Dickey: Batters’ Bashing versus Knuckleball’s “Dancing” in Season’s “Top Effort”

Blue Jay R.A. Dickey has always said that the life of the knuckleballer is one of ups and downs. The disparity between Sunday’s game and the game six days earlier bears him out. In the Mother’s Day game against the Red Sox, the Jays lost 3-6. Dickey displayed good pitching that was noted by Jays […]

Notching Down Knuckleball, Dickey Gets More Comfortable with Comfort Zone

It is real. It is happening. Though his unusually fast delivery of the relatively slow pitch has been his stock in trade, this season R.A. Dickey is consciously giving up a little knuckleball speed for a little more knuckleball control. He seems to be taking the tradeoff in good part though. “Righty swapping velocity for […]