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New Member of the Early-Knuckleballer Elite?

If you read our pre-Christmas post about who invented the knuckleball, you know that the answer can’t be pinned down with exactitude. What’s safe to say is that the pitchers who sometime around 1900 invented, co-invented, or contributed to the early development of the pitch include Lew Moran, Nap Rucker, Eddie Cicotte, Ed Summers, Frosty […]

Okay, Which One of You Guys Invented the Knuckleball?

We continue with our countdown commentary, complete with PTQ (probable truth quotient) scores, on Kean Doherty’s “10 Facts About the Knuckleball.” (The first part discussed the knuckleball’s rotation, why knuckleballers suffer less wear-and-tear of arm and shoulder, and what the knuckleball does in flight.) 7. “The Knuckleball Is No One Guy’s Invention.” Every major invention gets […]