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Josh Turley Evolves from Part-Time to Full-Time Knuckleball Pitcher

We reported early in 2016 that Josh Turley, now of the Toledo Mud Hens, was using the knuckleball as one of several pitches. At that time, pitching coach Mike Henneman was urging Turley to throw the knuckleball more often, advice he seems to have heeded. In a recent interview with Turley, the Toledo Blade asked when […]

Josh Turley’s Quasi-turn to the Knuckleball

How much of a knuckleball pitcher must you be in order to be a knuckleball pitcher—if not for purposes of definition, at least for purposes of making it to the MLB? Knuckleballers like Tim Wakefield, R.A. Dickey and others used the knuckleball to advance their careers by making it their dominant pitch. But according to Kristen Bentley, with his […]