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Jays Keeping Knuckleball Catcher Thole, Rays Getting Knuckleball Pitcher Gamboa

The Toronto Blue Jays are holding onto Josh Thole, the catcher that R. A. Dickey loves to throw to. According to the Kelown Daily Courier: The club announced Thursday that the knuckleball specialist has been signed to a major-league contract. Thole elected to become a free agent on Tuesday night after clearing waivers. The 29-year-old […]

Battle of the knuckleballers

Knuckleballer Wright versus Knuckleballer Dickey Redux

We always like the doubly-rare drama of knuckleballer versus knuckleballer battles. And it looks like one such clash is “possible on Saturday,” as CBS Sports reports, thanks to a game delay for the Red Sox v. Indians. This possibility is also—Mike Axisa’s all-caps—IMPORTANT: Price’s second start will have to wait one extra day and Steven […]

Throwing and Catching the Knuckleball: Gamboa, Thole

Is Eddie Gamboa a true-blue knuckleballer? And must he knuckle down with the knuckleball to enjoy the best chances of success? Gamboa isn’t a “pure” knuckleballer, opines Orioles Insider Rich Dubroff. He throws the knuckler about half the time, and the other half throws his other three pitches: fastball, cutter and changeup. “I’m just trying […]

Russell Martin Starts Reaching for Dickey’s Knuckleball

Not easy “but doable” is how Russell Martin—a good hitter and good catcher in possession of a good contract with the Toronto Blue Jays—characterizes the job of scooping R.A. Dickey’s knuckleball. As training with the Toronto Blue Jays began in earnest last week, Martin, Dickey, and interested observers said the start was auspicious, and expressed […]

Come Spring Training, R.A. Dickey and Russell Martin Will Work to Bond Knuckleball-wise

The Toronto Blue Jays have got themselves a new star catcher who is also a star hitter: Russell Martin. And the question is how consummately he will be able to catch R.A. Dickey’s knuckleball. As we noted—or, more precisely, as J.P. Arencibia and Gregg Zaun noted—in our last post, catching the pitch requires some reconfiguration […]