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Late-Blooming Knuckleballers, Part Three

R.A. Dickey, the subject of our previous post on late-blooming knuckleballers, is only the most prominent of today’s knuckleball pitchers, including those who decided to specialize in it only after having already put in a few years of pro ball. (Which is, after all, the typical knuckleballer path. Few start out in pro baseball determined […]

Dickey: Viola’s “Coming from Darkness” Was Good Prep for His Knuckleball

Four scoreless innings is a good start for a pitcher, and that’s what knuckleballer Frank Viola III served up to batters a week ago in his minor-league debut with the Blue Jays organization. observes that fellow knuckleballer R.A. Dickey had nothing but positive things to say about a player he helped mentor during the […]

Brian Wilson Unleashes Neat Knuckler as First Pitch; Blue Jays Sign Knuckleballer Frank Viola III

It’s big news when a mainstream pitcher chucks a knuck, judging by the sit-up-straight reaction to Los Angeles Dodger Brian Wilson’s wobbler in the Dodgers’ March 4 game with the Seattle Mariners. And it was “actually pretty good,” judges HardballTalk’s D.J. Short. We probably should have seen this coming, as Josh Tucker of Dodgers Insider […]