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Knuckleball “Myths” Critically Assessed at FanGraphs; also: Wright Still Right

Whether FanGraphs writer Eno Sarris has blasted as many “myths about the knuckleball” as he purports to have done in his interesting recent article depends in part on the extent to which baseball fans accept these “myths.” And sometimes it seems to come down more to word parsing than any prevalent misguided substantial conviction. How […]

Knuckleballer and Golfer Charlie Haeger Joins Tampa Bay Rays as Pitching Coordinator

Former MLB knuckleball pitcher Charlie Haeger has joined the minor league pitching staff of the Tampa Bay Rays. Does this mean that Haeger will be detecting and encouraging incipient knuckleballers who may one day break into the MLB? According to the Rays’ press release about its coaching and medical staffs for 2016: Charlie Haeger has […]

Should R.A. Dickey Throw the Knuckleball More Often?

What ratio of knuckleballs to secondary pitch has the best chance of rebuffing batters before they can get on base? At FiveThirtyEight, Neil Paine argues that R.A. Dickey may be under-exploiting his top pitch, the knuckleball—even though close to nine out of ten of his pitches are knuckleballs. His headline is certain about it: “Game […]