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Come Back to Knuckleball Pitching, Steven Wright (When You’re Ready)

We’re hearing good reports of knuckleball pitcher Steven Wright’s progress, and keeping our fingers crossed that he’ll be in action again before this MLB season expires. Slow and steady wins the race, in this case. Wright acknowledges that he pushed himself and his post-op knee a bit too hard, too fast when he returned to […]

Knuckleballer R.A. Dickey’s Best First-Half Performance; PLUS: Kratz Knuckleball Is Back

A few days ago, R.A. Dickey’s breakout season was recalled in Kirk Meyer’s New York Daily News article “Best first-half performances by Yankees and Mets pitchers.” 2012: R.A. Dickey, Mets (12-1, 2.40 ERA, 123 strikeouts) Dickey caught lightning in a bottle with his knuckleball in 2012. At 38, Dickey peaked in June, when he threw […]

New Crypto-Knuckleballer Discovered: Houston Astros Catcher Erik Kratz

Erik Kratz and who else? How many secret unheralded knuckleball pitchers are out there? We want to know! Identify yourselves! Not that we would wish for more embarrassingly lopsided games in order to increase the proportion of surreptitiously knuckleball-savvy position players waved onto the mound who then exhibit a knuckleball at the same time as […]