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Knuckleballer Eddie Gamboa Is Almost a Major-League Pitcher

Eddie Gamboa was as close as you could get without actually being on the mound. Earlier this month we noted how the Long (19-Inning) Game between the Yankees and the Sox presented an opportunity for a Wakefield-tutored knuckleballer who has been getting some MLB action from the Boston Red Sox: Steven Wright. At that time, […]

New Member of the Early-Knuckleballer Elite?

If you read our pre-Christmas post about who invented the knuckleball, you know that the answer can’t be pinned down with exactitude. What’s safe to say is that the pitchers who sometime around 1900 invented, co-invented, or contributed to the early development of the pitch include Lew Moran, Nap Rucker, Eddie Cicotte, Ed Summers, Frosty […]

Okay, Which One of You Guys Invented the Knuckleball?

We continue with our countdown commentary, complete with PTQ (probable truth quotient) scores, on Kean Doherty’s “10 Facts About the Knuckleball.” (The first part discussed the knuckleball’s rotation, why knuckleballers suffer less wear-and-tear of arm and shoulder, and what the knuckleball does in flight.) 7. “The Knuckleball Is No One Guy’s Invention.” Every major invention gets […]

Don’t Knuckle Under to Soccer’s Appropriation of Term “Knuckleball”

Etymologically speaking, the use of the word “knuckleball” to designate the baseball pitch thrown by knuckleballers is fairly earned. Yes, most knuckleballers in fact grip the leather of the baseball with their fingernails, not their knuckles—a not-so-marginal detail which, for the typical knuckleballer, means that the care and paring of nail plate keratin must constitute […]

A Good Knuckleball Is Hard to Hit

The Detroit Free Press offers an imprecise statement about the trouble a batter may have connecting his bat to a knuckleball. According to the Press’s June 4 story, “Blue Jays’ R.A. Dickey hopeful his knuckleball will miss Miguel Cabrera’s bat,” a good knuckleball “can be a tough pitch to hit if you don’t see it […]