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Knuckleballers Gamboa, Worth, Wright in Mexico, Michigan, Ohio

What has knuckleball pitcher Eddie Gamboa been up to lately? According to a photo caption at, last week he delivered a fifth-inning pitch in the late afternoon sunlight…and earned the win, as Mexico cruised to a 9-3 victory over Cuba. Mexico, who lost in the Series finals to Cuba last year, has won its […]

Knuckleball Word of the Day: Longevity

Whatever controversies may buffet the knuckleball, nobody seems to dispute that becoming an effective knuckleballer is an effective way to prolong your career. USA Today’s Ted Berg says of Danny Worth (“Tigers infielder busts out impressive knuckleball in rare relief appearance”): Baseball’s incredibly specialized, and very few full-time pitchers can master the knuckleball on the […]

One Full-Time Knuckleballer in MLB; How Many Players with Knuckleballer Potential?

Now that the baseball season has ended—with no postseason play in the offing for R.A. Dickey’s Blue Jays—we may as well play a little catch-up. Back in April, we talked about  position player Mike Carp’s knuckleballing; we then overlooked Danny Worth’s in May. (For more in general about position players doing occasional duty as pitchers, […]