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Chris Nowlin’s Tricky Knuckleball

It’s a knuckleball, but the announcer didn’t catch that fact right away. (Well, we all know the pitch is hard to catch….) IKA Program Director Chris Nowlin’s recent professional start in Northern California was caught on film for broadcast in the San Francisco area, and he has prepared a video of selections from the early […]


Knuckleball Nation Announces Second Annual Weekend Training Camp

Knuckleball Nation—IKA program director Chris Nowlin’s independent knuckleball-training venture—has announced its second annual weekend training camp, September 27 and 28, 2014, being held once again in Las Vegas. Participants will receive a free copy of my new DVD, “Advanced Knuckleballing,” as well as a Knuck Nation-specific piece of clothing. Every knuckleballer will get slow-motion video […]

Teachers of the Knuckleball

R. A. Dickey says he loves spring training, “because it comes bundled with hope…. Hope is a nice thing to have, however long it lasts.” The ability to consistently throw a good knuckleball can inspire hope for a longer-lived and even a stellar pitching career, a hope fueled when talented new knuckleballers are able to […]

Tim Wakefield on Getting a Grip on the Knuckleball

Despite The Onion’s satirical take on the knuckleball, recently retired Boston Red Sox pitcher Tim Wakefield (with the Sox from 1995 to 2012) never “admitted” that the pitch was really “just a fastball he throws very slowly.” He never said, “I just float it up there and let everyone imagine that it’s moving….” If only […]