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Knuckleball Pitcher R.A. Dickey Pursues a Braves Course; PLUS: Will Ohka Make His Way Back to the Big Leagues?

No, despite a Blue Jay manager’s tantalizing and maybe even a tad patronizing public suggestion that their knuckleballer might not be left off of the team’s 2017 roster after all (“We’re open to R.A. Dickey, even”), Dickey is not returning to the Toronto Blue Jays. And no, despite his own retrospective musing about the ups […]

The Effective Velocities of R.A. Dickey and Chelsea Baker

Perry Husband of has posted a YouTube video analyzing the Effective Velocity of R.A. Dickey’s knuckleball as it crosses the plate. The eight-minute video “takes an Effective Velocity look at R.A. Dickey and his use of the Knuckleball as many different pitch types, all with minimum actual speed differentials. He uses a brilliant EV […]

Knuckleballers Have Good Stories, and Dickey’s May Become A Movie

Doing rare, tough things makes for good story, and this week, courtesy of knuck-news scout Sweta Bhadra, we have a doubleheader. Many successful knuckleballers turn to the pitch late in their careers. But Chelsea Baker, dubbed the “Knuckleball Princess,” seems to have mastered it early on. Per Business Insider: After rising to instant fame thanks […]