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Rays of Hope for Knuckleballers like Eddie Gamboa, Etc.

The big news has been that Eddie Gamboa, who signed a minor league contract with the Tampa Bay Rays in January of this year, early this month got promoted to the MLB. The Baltimore Sun reports: Former Orioles farmhand Eddie Gamboa, who extended his career—and his dream of making the majors—by becoming a knuckleball pitcher, […]

Aspiring Knuckleballer Dan Johnson Returns to Tampa Bay Rays

Position player Dan Johnson—”yes, that Dan Johnson, the one who hit two of the most dramatic homers in Rays history,” as Marc Tompkin of the Tampa Bay Times recalls him to readers—is getting a chance to make waves as a knuckleball pitcher with the Rays organization. Johnson, who spent his career primarily as a first […]

Haeger and Niekro Want Eddie Gamboa to Get to the Next Level of Knuckleball

The New York Times has determined that despite its rarity, the knuckleball is not quite on the way out, especially in light of growing interest in the pitch over the last few years since a knuckleballer won the Cy Young Award (“As a Species, the Knuckleball Flutters but Survives”). Players to watch include Eddie Gamboa, […]

Knuckleballer and Golfer Charlie Haeger Joins Tampa Bay Rays as Pitching Coordinator

Former MLB knuckleball pitcher Charlie Haeger has joined the minor league pitching staff of the Tampa Bay Rays. Does this mean that Haeger will be detecting and encouraging incipient knuckleballers who may one day break into the MLB? According to the Rays’ press release about its coaching and medical staffs for 2016: Charlie Haeger has […]

Knuckleballers Gear Up for 2014

Zach Clark, 30, Baltimore Orioles organization. “I got to the big leagues. I want to stay there. And conventionally, I’d probably have to be at my best all the time for that to be a likely scenario. With the knuckleball, maybe it takes me a little while to figure it out, but my career could […]