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Every Good Knuckleballer Needs Good Teachers, Good Opportunities, and Good Catchers

One reason Steven Wright is doing well with the Boston Red Sox is that the Sox have given him the chance to do well. As Sam Galanis reminds us, not every team or manager is equally hospitable to the knuckleball, the pitch with the paths less traveled by. “Knuckleball pitchers don’t come around very often, […]

Measuring Russell Martin; What Blue Jays Manager Gibbons Should Maybe Do with Knuckleball Pitcher R. A. Dickey

The extent to which Russell Martin has managed to conquer the knuckleball as a Blue Jays/Dickey catcher in 2015 is not the main topic of eeliott29’s post for BlueBirdBanter (“Russell Martin, worth every last penny”), but neither is it marginal. In 2015, Martin brought the tools that summoned him his lucrative contract and in turn saved the […]

Knuckleballer Dickey to Stay with Blue Jays; Wisdom of Using Martin to Catch Knuckleball Questioned

Last week we passed along the credible-sounding MLBTradeRumor that the Toronto Blue Jays, who almost made it to the World Series this year, planned to exercise their option to keep on R.A. Dickey for another season. The plan has been executed. As reported by Keegan Matheson at, the Jays are “picking up the 2016 […]

As Opening Day Approaches, At Least One Reason to Watch the Toronto Blue Jays

Rob Neyer of Fox Sports offers three reasons to watch the Blue Jays this season. We’re naturally most interested in one of the three, the pitcher-centric rationale for keeping tabs on the team. Neyer regards R.A. Dickey and Mark Buehrle as the pitchers most likely to deliver interesting moments. In fact, if we’re making a list […]

Throwing and Catching the Knuckleball: Gamboa, Thole

Is Eddie Gamboa a true-blue knuckleballer? And must he knuckle down with the knuckleball to enjoy the best chances of success? Gamboa isn’t a “pure” knuckleballer, opines Orioles Insider Rich Dubroff. He throws the knuckler about half the time, and the other half throws his other three pitches: fastball, cutter and changeup. “I’m just trying […]

Russell Martin Starts Reaching for Dickey’s Knuckleball

Not easy “but doable” is how Russell Martin—a good hitter and good catcher in possession of a good contract with the Toronto Blue Jays—characterizes the job of scooping R.A. Dickey’s knuckleball. As training with the Toronto Blue Jays began in earnest last week, Martin, Dickey, and interested observers said the start was auspicious, and expressed […]

The Steven Wright/Christian Vazquez Knuckleball Team-Up

We have another pitcher-catcher update. Last week we talked about how a newcomer to the Toronto Blue Jays, catcher Russell Martin, planned to get a grip on R.A. Dickey’s knuckleball during spring training. Now we hear that, per MassLive’s Jason Mastrodonato, “Boston Red Sox expect catcher Christian Vazquez to handle the knuckleball, and everything else.” […]