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Who Should Sign Knuckleball Pitcher R.A. Dickey? PLUS: Gamboa’s 100% Resolution

With R.A. Dickey not yet in the game this season—but also stressing that he has not yet officially retired—one may speculate about where the knuckleballer will wind up if he does join sign this year. Over at PressBox, an Orioles fan says let it be the Baltimore Orioles. Signing Dickey would be one of “three […]

This Holiday Season, Give Yourself Knuckleball Pitching Ability

Knuckleball pitcher Tomo Ohka, whom we mentioned last month in a post about how he was working to impress “scouts from the Orioles, Royals, Rays, and Diamondbacks” with his pitch, is back in the game as a minor leaguer. The Baltimore Orioles are giving him a shot. The Baltimore Sun reported recently that four minor […]

Steven Wright’s Knuckler Still Impresses the Heck Out of Everybody

The knuckleball or “knuckle sandwich” of Steven Wright is “unhittable,” makes the batter look “silly,” baffles both him and “the laws of physics.” Yes, “Both Chris Davis and the laws of physics were baffled by this Steven Wright knuckleball,” suggests Chris Landers at’s Cut4. We know that Steven Wright turned to the knuckleball as a […]

R.A. Dickey’s Knuckle(ball) Sandwich; Gamboa Update

Knuckleballer R.A. Dickey was in good form during a September 2 game against the Cleveland Indians, over whom the Toronto Blue Jays 5-1. According to AP’s Ian Harrison: Dickey pitched a four-hitter to win his seventh straight decision, Donaldson had three hits and the Blue Jays beat the Indians 5-1… Dickey (10-10) threw 92 pitches, […]

Knuckleballer Eddie Gamboa Is Almost a Major-League Pitcher

Eddie Gamboa was as close as you could get without actually being on the mound. Earlier this month we noted how the Long (19-Inning) Game between the Yankees and the Sox presented an opportunity for a Wakefield-tutored knuckleballer who has been getting some MLB action from the Boston Red Sox: Steven Wright. At that time, […]