Baseball returns next week; Nike scientists invent “knuckleball free” ball (for soccer).

Better late than never.  Major League Baseball is set to return next week after delaying opening day due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.  The abbreviated 60-day season will kick off July 23rd with the New York Yankees facing the current world champion Washington Nationals. The Yankees Gerrit Cole is scheduled to face off against Nats’ ace Max Scherzer.  Games will be played in compliance with current local health regulations which may feature fewer or even no fans in attendance.  However, baseball is finally back!


The knuckleball is the hardest pitch to hit in baseball.  It is also the hardest KICK to block in soccer.  The “knuckleball” free-kick, used by soccer great like Cristiano Ronaldo  could become a thing of the past as top leagues prepare to use a new ball developed by Nike scientists that supposedly does not wobble in the air. Much like the famous baseball pitch that features no spin, the knuckleball kick is more of a “punch” that doesn’t spin the ball thus making very difficult for goal keepers to anticipate where it is heading.  The new Nike ball allegedly reduces this knuckleball effect.  Fortunately, no such baseball exists, and the well thrown knuckleball still reins supreme.