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Knuckleball Pitchers and Catchers Try and Try Again

Atlanta Braves catcher Tyler Flowers isn’t too worried about embarrassing himself as a knuckleball catcher, even though he and Kurt Suzuki now have knuckleball pitcher R.A. Dickey to contend with.’s Mark Bowman says both are “adapting to knuckleball,” and Braves manager Brian Snitker is ready to split knuckleball-catching duty between both men. Dickey has repeatedly […]

Knuckleballers R.A. Dickey and Steven Wright Prepare for New Season

R.A. Dickey isn’t worried that his performance during an early March spring-practice game was “not sharp” (according to the Atlanta-Constitution’s David O’Brien). He feels good that despite feeling bad he got in a decent day’s work. “As far as my knuckleball is concerned, really the only hard-hit ball on that pitch came on, Dee Gordon […]

Knuckleballs: Wright May Not Finish Season; Dickey May Finish Career

Although we have all wanted Steven Wright back on the mound soon, it seems there is a good chance he will miss the last days of the season. According to Jenn McCaffrey’s report at MassLive: The Red Sox had hoped Wright would begin a throwing program earlier this week, but that has been pushed back base on Wright’s […]

Steven Wright Is Getting Back In the Knuckleball Groove

After mostly recovering from a minor injury, Red Sox knuckleball pitcher Steven Wright was back in action last Friday against the Royals and “Feel[ing] Good One Day After Return to Mound,” reports John Tomase. It took a while for the pitcher to warm up, though. Wright’s outing didn’t go as planned. He allowed five runs […]

With First Complete-Game Shutout, Knuckleball Pitcher Steven Wright Continues to Meet and Beat Expectations

If you expected the knuckleball to suffer ups and downs in the hands of Steven Wright just as it does in the hands of any other knuckleballer, no matter how expert he may be, you were right. He has, for example, had trouble when contending with certain inhospitable atmospheric conditions. It’s not so much the […]

Knuckleballer Steven Wright Still Blasting Opposition as Scientists Still Grapple with Physics of the Pitch

Steven Wright may have been sidelined as an All-Star, but the experience doesn’t seem to have thrown the Red Sox knuckleballer off balance. MLB News says: Forgive Red Sox manager John Farrell if he wasn’t all that broken up about Steven Wright not being given a chance to pitch in the All-Star Game. The way Farrell saw […]

Knuckleballer Steven Wright Didn’t Pitch in the All-Star Game—But He Was There

Steven Wright was on hand on Tuesday and would have been waved over to the mound had the game gone into extra innings. It didn’t. As Wright explains it, “Because this game means so much, they wanted to make sure that if we went extra innings, we didn’t run out of pitching. So, instead of […]

Can You Trust the Knuckleball?

Over at, we have video of Dan Shaughnessy discussing Boston Red Sox pitchers Eduardo Rodriguez and Steven Wright,” and letting us know that “I don’t trust” a knuckleball in big games. Would the American League All-Star faceoff count as a big game? Ken Rosenthal wants to know “Who would catch knuckleballer Steven Wright in the All-Star […]

Knuckleball “Myths” Critically Assessed at FanGraphs; also: Wright Still Right

Whether FanGraphs writer Eno Sarris has blasted as many “myths about the knuckleball” as he purports to have done in his interesting recent article depends in part on the extent to which baseball fans accept these “myths.” And sometimes it seems to come down more to word parsing than any prevalent misguided substantial conviction. How […]

MLB Knuckleballers Wright and Dickey Continue to Dominate

Knuckleballs and MLB knuckleballers are getting an extra nod of acknowledgement in some quarters lately. That’s thanks to a streak of nifty pitching performances, especially from relative MLB newcomer Steven Wright—who until recently had been making an art form of zipping back and forth between the minors and the majors. So at, colingreene exults […]